Opera to the future!

London newborn start up Opera Co-Pro and Turin company Labinf Sistemi are glad to announce their arising partnership to launch a new Software for opera management.

LONDON- Opera Co-Pro will help the new partner in promoting its innovative Software for Opera Management, currently used by top European companies such as Teatro alla Scala, Dutch National Opera, Teatro Regio Turin etc. On the other hand, Labinf will offer to all Opera Co-Pro members the exclusive chance to try in preview all the tools of the new software.

The integrated system created by Labinf and promoted on Opera Co-Pro will allow managers to save an incredible amount of time and optimize their workflow with a simple click: budgeting, planning, casting, marketing, HR and administration will not be any longer an expensive long task to carry on by overloaded managers. The new features will be available to try for free to all Opera Co-Pro members directly on the Opera Co-Pro platform.

“We are absolutely thrilled to start this collaboration with the Italian Labinf Sistemi, a renowned Software company for large enterprises, and we hope that they will bring soon extensive benefits to all our clients”, says Opera Co-Pro CEO Ambra Sorrentino.

“Labinf Sistemi – continued the Italian CEO Giorgio Morizio- has over thirty years’ experience in delivering top software products and supporting our clients at every stage of their passage to digital technologies. Reports show how many opera companies still rely on pen and paper or Excel to carry on the majority of their daily administration. Our programmes will allow them to be constantly updated of changes of rehearsals, will be able to create contracts automatically and even calculate audience statistics in real time.”

It might seem a futuristic step for opera, the most traditional of art forms, but it will be surprising on how the opera companies that adopted the new software appreciate its benefits at the point that none of them has ever cancelled its subscription in the past ten years. The time has come for the birth of a new opera management era, with Labinf Sistemi and Opera Co-Pro to guide together a real change for the benefit of organizations and the development of a sustainable global market place.


Copyright Opera Co-Pro Ltd.

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