Referent: Alessandra Corigliano and Marcello Misitano
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Osborne Clarke

Osborne Clarke is an international law firm with over 25 years’ hands-on experience in the music industry. The law firm advises entertainment and performing arts companies on international copyright law, contracts, streaming, insurance. Osborne Clarke has an international reputation for excellence in the Technology Media and Communications sector. The company has offices in over 25 countries.

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Referent: Atholl Swainston-Scott
#classicalmanagement #classicalmusic #musicdata #musicsource #datamanagement

Classical Music Artists

Classical Music Artists is a joint venture between the Association Européenne des Agents Artistiques (AEAA) and the International Artist Managers’ Association (IAMA), and aims to be the most reliable and up-to-date source of representational and management information for classical musicians around the world.

Referent: Giorgio Morizio
#IT #digital #technology #support

Labinf Sistemi

Labinf Sistemi is a leader company that supports agencies with their digital transformation process, with customized IT solutions for the management and administration. Labinf Sistemi is the creatore of Opera ERP, a management software that provides a complete solution for Opera and Live Performing Arts in every step of the organizational and economic process.

Referent: Dario Mannino
#artistconsulting #artistpromotion #concerts #classicalmusic #opera


Founded in 1996 by Mario Giovanni Ingrassia, MaMusic is an artist consulting and promotion firm operating within the classical music and operatic sector. MaMusic has organized concerts all over the world: Italy, England, France, Germany, USA, Japan, Korea are some examples.

Referent: Szymon Wach
#digitalmusicdistribuition #classicalmusic #spotify #amazonmusic operates within the digital music distribution, connecting classical music with real time audience from Spotify, Amazon Music, KKBOX and many more.

Referent: Caroline McCormick
#ethicalapproach #sustainable #projectdevelopment #organizationsupport

Achates Philanthropy

Achates brings together a team of expert Associates to offer an ethical, tailored approach to organizations of all sizes, helping to achieve a long-term, sustainable position and maximise the impact of the work. Having established an outstanding reputation, Achates has also developed a growing following for its strategic project development, offering a complete organizational approach from visioning through to implementation.

Referent: Nikos Frangos
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Asfalia Prime Broker

Asfalia Prime Broker is the independent insurance broker specializing in life and non-life insurance solutions. The pluriannual management experience and the possibility of making use of over 50 Insurance Companies, makes Asfalia Prime Broker the ideal partner for Institutional Clients, Private Clients, Companies and Professionals, Public Bodies and Credit Institutions.

Referent: Zenaida des Aubris
#operacareer #operabusiness #operacoach #professionalpath

Opera Career Coach

Opera Career Coach provides artists with up-to-date, factual information and resources to help them to set out their career with a full control of its business side. Opera Career Coach is based in Berlin, Germany, and its territory of expertise is Europe with Germany, Austria and Switzerland our special focus. 

Referent: Mirko Ricci
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Complitaly is the new multi services platform where people can find news, professional support but even Italian products. You can find the Complitaly app on the App Store and the Google Store.

Referent: Elena Tanou
#travelservice #tourismservice #travelservice #customercare

Top Kinisis

Established in 1987, TOP KINISIS is one of the most prominent Tourism Organizations in Cyprus, which brings constantly new and creative ideas to the travel market, both in product offerings as well as in customer service. TOP KINISIS has a remarkable background of successful acquisitions, mergers, awards and accreditation and is providing a Complete range of travel and tourism services both in Cyprus and abroad.

Referent: Anna Montanino
#boattrade #yatchtrade

Agenzia Navigare

Agenzia navigare deals with yacht trading, organizing every step that needs to be taken into account during the process of buying and selling.

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