Heili Vaus-Tamm on the arts sector

On the last blog, Heili Vaus-Tamm shared with us her experiences in arts management. In this, Heili will comment on the current arts sector and she will also tell us more about her recent projects.

Heili thinks the current trend in the arts sector is the hybrid of arts and technology, and the mix of both forms reflects on how the distinction between reality and virtual world starts to blur.

“Combining technology and music will showcase the development of technology and how it can perfectly marry with live music. We had performances which incorporate technology like 360° lens robot and infrared cameras, and it creates such a unique sensation! For instance, our recent project with Musiktheatertage Wien, “Tarkovsky. The 8th Film”, was shortlisted for Fedora Platform’s opera prize in 2018. The production is about a guy who falls in love with his Robot-Nurse. The show depicts our attachment to technology, and also our expectations, hopes and fears in connecting with any new stuffs. It showcases a very relatable issue in our generation.”


Tarkovsky. The 8th Film. (Source: FEDORA)

The incorporation of technology should not happen only on an artistic level, as Heili believes arts management should utilize the online platform more and gradually digitalize our management.

“we really need a market system for selling-buying productions, finding cooperation partners, singers, designers and stage directors.  I started with developing a web-based market, and we did a lot of preparations for the system. We got some supports from the Ministry of Culture of Estonia, but it failed due to some reasons. And then, after a while I heard about Opera Co-Pro! I was really happy about it! It shows that this is what the current market demands.”

As well as the technological aspect in arts, Heili is also interested in developing the children opera market and diversify the current opera market with audience from different ages.

“Another field I like to work hard on at Eesti Kontsert is semi-staged concerts and all kinds of events for children and teenagers. My colleagues have already done great work here, but the society is still developing, on the youth sector especially, and we have to find new ways to speak with them. We need new attractive forms and new platforms to find our common language.”

It is exciting to announce that Heili in 2019 will collaborate with Opera Co-Pro and Magia dell’Opera on Il Turco in Italia educational project. We hope this collaboration will not only develop our children opera market, but also continue our beliefs in collaborations, communication and diversification.

Angus Wu

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