Digital Marketing – How and Why?

Why do I need a digital marketing platform?

During this information era, virtual world and reality seem to merge into one, which offers a lot of potentials for marketing and audience engagement. This is especially important to the performing art sector as your potential audience is not limited to regular theatre goers only, but it can be a random internet browser who gives your page a “like”.

How do I manage my digital marketing platform?

  1. Positioning and Branding

Identify a market problem or opportunity and develop a solution. After identifying a position in the market, your brand should be coherent to your positioning. A precise positioning and consistent branding can effectively connect your companies with your target audience.

  1. Pin down your audience

Using Culturehive and Audience Finder can effectively pin down your audience type. This is especially important to communicating your brand with your keywords.

  1. Choose your digital platform

Different social media have different audience. For example, Facebook users tend to be more mature, and teenagers have a tendency to use social media like Tumblr and Instagram. Select your marketing platform carefully is essential to a successful marketing campaign.

  1. “Go short or go long?”

According to a google research on online video marketing, short and long advertisements serve different purposes:

‘For brands with a focus on awareness, the short format can be both effective and efficient. Shorter formats can raise awareness, keep the brand top of mind, and create signals that drive important behaviours such as search […] For brands moving beyond simple awareness, a longer story may be necessary to persuade people to change how they think. ’ (Jones 2016)

  1. Interact with your audience

Interact with you audience and keep them engaged! Bear in mind you are not selling only an art product but an experience, and your online marketing campaign is part of the ‘package’ of the entire art experience! So use your platform to entertain them if necessary! A pertinent example is Wendy’s in America which interacts with their costumer on Twitter regularly but in a ‘sassy’ tone. The company successfully identifies a new position and create a new brand in the online market.

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