Opera Co-Pro at the launch conference of the FEDORA Platform!

FEDORA platform is a project funded by the Creative Europe programme. To continue the intercultural dialogue between artists, the FEDORA platform, led by Edilia Gänz, encourages innovative, hybrid opera and ballet co-productions within Europe. The project seeks to diversify the current products and also their audience.

The project has three main objectives:

  • Increases visibility for the works of emerging artists
  • Funds artists in support of productions with guaranteed quality
  • Develop the current market, targeting the younger audience especially

FEDORA offers two prizes each year for a ballet and an opera production, and L-EV Sharon Eyal Gai Behar and WideOpen Opera & LandMark Productions were the winner of FEDORA prizes in 2017. These prizes validate these artists’ creativity and dedication to arts, and they support and enable the next generation of talented artists to thrive.

FEDORA is a collaborative event with 19 opera and ballet organisations in 13 different countries participating. It is estimated that the project can reach approximately 4 million people. With the international engagement and the promising estimation, this project has the potential to enhance the cultural and economic interactions within Europe.

 Opera Garnier, Paris, is the headquarter of FEDORA organization.

Another focus of this project is the incorporation of digital technology. FEDORA aims to launch a Platform App in 2019/2020, which allows mobile donations and increases interaction with audience anytime and anywhere. This harnesses the digital shift to target loyal as well as new audience, which seeks to make arts accessible to everyone without the limitation of time or space.

Overall, this is a project in response to the needs in the current arts industry. It allows intercultural interactions between artists during the time when multiculturalism is celebrated. It also breaks the boundary between arts and digital technology during this information age. FEDORA indeed is an exciting project which develops our arts sector and cultivate our emerging artists.

For more information please visit here

Links to Fedora Platform Facebook pageLinkedin page and Twitter page

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