The Thrive of Arts Followed by the Growth of Economy

Arts Venues in Busan

Busan is South Korea’s second most-populous and current largest industrial area. With its thriving economy and the influx of population, the arts and cultural scene in Busan is expanding exponentially. Busan is now acknowledged as a landmark for its cultural, economic and international significance. Especially with the recent trend of easternization in economy, international events like touring concerts, conferences, touring concerts and performances are always hosted in Busan.
BEXCO (source: M.M.Minderhoud)

Located at the city centre of Busan, BEXCO Auditorium is one of Busan’s biggest and most modern construction, and it can accommodate more than 4,000 audience. It hosted events like FIFA World Cup in 2002, Jason Mraz’s World Tour in 2012 and other various concerts. The venue remarks on the thrive of arts, and the grandness of the auditorium is almost a reflection, or even a celebration, of Busan’s growing economy.

If you are not a fan of extravagant and modern venue, maybe a more intimate space like Busan Art Centre is something that you are looking for. This performing space has a 240 seat theatre which allows local amateur and professional artists to practice their crafts. As well as the theatre, Busan Art Centre also has 3 rehearsal rooms and 2 exhibition halls.

My personal favourite venue, however, is Yeongdo Cultural and Art Centre. Yeongdo Cultural and Art Centre delivers high quality, engaging and diverse programme of cinema, performing and visual arts. It is located in scenic Yeongdo Cultural Park, where it has a well-stocked library, a sports centre, a soccer field, a tennis court and also an outdoor performance theatre. Yeongdo Cultural and Art Centre, then, is a hive where the community comes together and appreciate arts.

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