Welcome to the Opera Co-Pro Blog!

It’s now been over two weeks since the launch of Opera Co-Pro and its platform and we are delighted to announce that it has been a resounding success! So far more than 120 opera companies of various sizes and located as far apart as China, the US and Europe have registered or are in the process of doing so. Over 450 users have visited the site and left valuable feedback.

Founder and CEO Ambra Sorrentino introducing Opera Co-Pro
during our launch at the 1901 Arts Club in London, 29 September 2017

It all began with our successful launch at the 1901 Arts Club in London at the end of September where much of the UK’s opera world was in attendance. Before an aria recital given by soprano Magda Di Giacomo accompanied by pianist Matthieu Esnult, Opera Co-Pro founder and CEO, Ambra Sorrentino, gave an impassioned presentation and answered questions from the floor.

With a spring in our step from our launch event we seamlessly followed through with our attendance at Opera Europa’s Opera Pilgrimage conference in Parma, Italy last week. So many opera managers from all over Europe were eager to meet us and find out more about our services. Our Marketing Manager, Vincenzo Brugaletta, ran many presentations for all those interested in finding out more. As a result over 75% of those companies in attendance expressed their wish to get involved with us. In only its first 14 days, Opera Co-Pro has already brokered two co-production contracts.

We are now thrilled to be launching the Opera Co-Pro blog. You will find here all the latest information and data regarding opera management. To complement our platform the blog will aim to bring you the latest news, trends and statistics regarding opera management in addition to publishing interviews with those involved with the dissemination of opera worldwide. We hope that you enjoy reading our blog and please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us—we’d love to hear from you!

The Opera Co-Pro team

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