The most exclusive art form combined to elite services. 

Your company at the service of opera. 

The Business Circle is an innovative club dedicated to entrepreneurs, traders and company owners with an interest in promoting and selling their products and services in conjunction to music events in an unusual marketing strategy that involves many cities and companies worldwide, from capitals like London, Milan, Paris, Berlin and New York up to minor towns. 

You will get the opportunity to associate your Brand to specific themes, events and tours and create unique experiences for your clients, business partners and perspective customers.

The story of Mada caffè

The company became brand partner of Opera Co-Pro events and was present in 3 cities across Italy to promote its coffee products: Naples, Livorno and Cecina. Each participant to the Opera Co-Pro Summer Academy and each audience member received discounts to purchase coffee beans and capsules and free gifts from the company.

For Mada Caffè the collaboration with Opera Co-Pro symbolizes the union of two completely different realities, united by the same intent to preserve and pass down the quality of our national and international services.
We are convinced that the final result of every project, built on collaboration and the sharing of objectives, could be much more productive and profitable for both parties.
Our goal as Opera Co-Pro Sponsor consist in ensuring an exclusive service of high quality, bringing an added value to the partnership: customer respect in hospitality, service and complete satisfaction, al accompanied by excellent coffee.

Marilena Scolese – Digital Marketing Manager of Mada Caffè

Upcoming partnership:

…..20th September London, Opera Co-Pro Season’s opening event at St Paul’s Church Covent Garden. 

2021\2022 opportunities

Promote your company and expand your network in new areas!

New York, San Francisco, Milan, Bari, Roma, Naples, Tallinn