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Advice from world class opera professionals

Advice on dramaturgy, supertitles, translation

Hire an opera production consultancy connoisseur to help boost your output, connect you with the right staff, optimise costs, and improve the overall performance of your production

Here you have a rare opportunity to reach out for the best informed opera production professionals

Top services for productions




Executive management of the production


Artistic administration

  • Contracts

  • Visas, A1, TAX forms, A/N, Social Security, Enpals etc.

  • Travel and accommodation management

  • Production planning (artistic and tech depts.)

  • Production supervision

Advising on creative and tech team

Advice from world class opera professionals

Consulting on other opera managers and opera companies involvement in the project

Consulting on Funding

Consulting on Donors and Scholarships for students and young artists

Consulting on Marketing for Fundraising and other strategic marketing issues

Consulting in other artistic, creative, technical and managerial aspects of the event

All Opera Co-pro Members receive a dedicated Consultancy service and special fees and packages are arranged for long-term cooperation

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